Ceramic Foam


Imagine if Ceramic Boost and Snow Foam had a baby - this would be it. 

Ceramic Foam provides a quick, safe way to get those all important beads, and gives you protection lasting up to 3 months! 

◾ Fruit scented


1. Always test on an inconspicuous area first. Use Ceramic Foam after shampooing and rinsing your vehicle. For one application, fill your foam lance with 50ml of Ceramic Foam and 200ml of water. You could also fill a 1 litre bottle with 200ml of Ceramic Foam and top up with water to use in future.

2. Cover the vehicle with foam and immediately follow with a thorough rinse, ensuring all residue has been removed. You will see the hydrophobic properties straight away.

3. Dry the vehicle immediately with Sam’s Drying Towel.


How often should I use Ceramic Foam?

Protection can last up to 3 months, but we recommend using around once a month to ensure protection is maintained. 

Can I use Ceramic Foam on top of a ceramic coating?

Yes you can.

Can I use Ceramic Foam on my wrap?

Yes Ceramic Foam is safe for wraps.

Can I use Ceramic Boost on top of Ceramic Foam?

If using Ceramic Foam, you don't need to apply Ceramic Boost on top as the foam has enough protection, and it would be a waste of Ceramic Boost!

Can I use Ceramic Foam with a foam pump bottle instead of a lance?

Yes, Ceramic Foam can be applied with a foam bottle but we recommend using 25ml of product instead of 50ml since there is less water running through the foam bottle to dilute the product.

  •   -  $17.00